Delight in God’s Word: A Brief Explanation

Psalm 119 is a kaleidoscope of descriptions that characterize the psalmist’s posture toward and response to God’s Word: learn, keep, teach, declare, store up, walk in, eyes fixed on, guard according to, delight in, meditate on, not wander from, not forget (just to mention a few).  For example, he prays to the Lord in verse 16, “I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word.”  More than an expression of his own attitude, the psalmist also provides for us a picture that portrays what our own attitudes should be toward God’s Word.

By God’s grace, believers have been given new hearts that reflect the psalmist’s passion for Scripture.  However, Christians also encounter a range of internal and external influences that assault their love for God’s Word.  The combination of these present realities provides the reason why this section of our website has been created.

Perhaps your pleasure in God’s Word has never been more intense, and you’re looking for resources as you seek to be intentional about your Bible intake.  Or, perhaps your enjoyment in God’s promises has never seen a darker hour since you came to Christ, and you’re hoping for an oasis in the midst of the desert.  Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle and you’re simply looking for some tools to assist you in your walk with Christ.  Regardless of where you find yourself in that spectrum, the resources recommended on these pages are (at best) penultimate, not ultimate.  God and his revelation of himself in Christ and in Scripture are ultimate.  The materials described and linked to in subsequent pages are simply tools to direct you to the One who is ultimate and to guide you through his inspired Scriptures.

If your are not trusting in Christ for your eternal salvation from the wrath of God, please visit Two Ways to Live to find out what it means to turn away from sin, to turn to Christ, and to follow him.  If you are a follower of Christ and you’d like to jump to the resource pages, select which page you’d like to visit from the list below.