Ministry Teams

The Deacons of RBC lead three ministry teams which are organized to best serve the needs of our members.  On this page, you will find a brief introduction to each team, as well as access to additional information and an opportunity to sign up to be part of one or more these teams.  If you have questions about these ministry teams, please contact one of the deacons listed below.

Membership Matters

Broad ministry focus: life events (weddings, births, and deaths) and helping to assimilate new members.

Deacons: Ron Cox & Justin Rolston

Benevolence & Material/Physical Needs

Broad ministry focus: helping with temporary physical needs or family care in crisis situations.  Deacon leaders address direct financial assistance needs.

Deacons: Paul Cameron & Dave Fannin

Hospital, Homebound and Hospice Visitation

Broad ministry focus: provide encouragement, prayer, and Christian love for members in the hospital, members who are homebound, and those who are under hospice care.

Deacons: Jeff Hayes & Gregg Watson

Additional Resources

Click one of the bullet items below either to sign up or to access additional information about these teams