Ministry Areas

At Reynoldsburg Baptist Church we seek to minister to the needs of people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest among us. In all our ministry areas, we desire the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be at the center of what we say and do. Moreover, we believe that it is the privilege and opportunity of able members to serve the body in some fashion. The active ministry of believers is an integral part of both personal and corporate growth. This part of our website is devoted to giving you an idea of some of the types of ministries that we offer and in which our members serve.  Select the ministry headings below to find out more about each ministry area.


Ministry Teams

The ministry teams led by our deacons serve various areas of need across the entire church and are one way we seek to bear one another’s burdens.



We provide various opportunities for adults to grow in their walk with Christ and grow closer to one another.



Our youth ministry seeks to provide a healthy combination of sound biblical teaching, ministry opportunities in which students can serve, along with other fun activities.  In addition to our youth leaders, parents play a pivotal role in our youth ministry.



For elementary-aged children, our children’s ministries strive to sow and water seeds of sound biblical truth. We want to be a support to parents as they seek to shepherd their children toward the Lord and His ways.



For our youngest children, our preschool ministries lay a foundation for future growth. Ministry to preschool children of all ages is provided during all our weekly gatherings.



Our music ministry involves preschoolers up through adults. In our music ministry, we value both sound biblical content and musical quality that faithfully points our minds and our hearts to the Lord.